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"I am a 5th grade math teacher and I am just ecstatic about the quality of your Countdown To The Math STAAR. I use it as a warm-up each day. As each problem is presented, I keep telling my students: "This is an awesome question. I could see this one on the test in March!" Already having used your Countdown To The Math TAKS, I know our school reached Exemplary is a large part to your wonderful product and I expect great results on the new STAAR test. So, for all of the math teachers on my campus, thank you so much. Keep up the GREAT work." B. S.

" is the closest thing to the real STAAR that I have seen. Instead of reinventing the wheel and creating my own STAAR-type questions, now I just use the math warm ups." M. M.

"I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!  I didn't find out about your product until February, and I gave the first Math test at the end of April.  While I did not make it through the entire countdown before the test, I have to say that I have been supremely impressed.  This program is the best I have used in the 15 years that I have taught.  The questions were thought-provoking, and the answers included the most common wrong answers, just as the test does.  I just kept saying, "You guys, I have never seen this objective asked this way.  This is great!" After they took the test, I asked my students what they felt was the most effective tool we used in preparing for the test.  They unanimously named your program.  I recommend this program to every Texas school. Thanks again!" S. B.


"I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed using the Countdown to Math series.   I know it has helped me prepare my students for the test....once the 3rd and 5th grade teachers saw the materials they ordered it also. I am thankful that our math teachers are being consistent on using the same materials." B.B.

"We have the Countdown, the Daily Rigor and Daily Graph, and the Numeracy Power-Ups.  We used the Countdown in class and the other two programs in tutorials.  We had 100% passing on TAKS for our over 200 5th graders. 73% achieved commended performance.  We swear by your products!"  H.C.

"I love the Math Countdown, and I know the 4th grade loves the Writing!"  K.M.

"We've seen amazing results in math using Countdown this year.  We had an 18pt jump in 1st administration 5th grade Math TAKS this year over last year. "  C.S.

"(Our District)  bought the warm-ups, fast focus and countdown. I just wanted to let you know that in 5th grade we had 100% pass and 78% of the students were commended.  I really thought the fast focus and countdown were outstanding products. I used the warm-ups as a warm-up and as a homework sheet." S. M.

"I just want to say that your product and your service is by far the best I have ever used.  You respond to my questions the day I ask them and your products always arrive promptly.   I was so thrilled this year when you added the sixth grade to your Countdown to the TAKS!  It has been an awesome review for my sixth graders and they feel much more confident going into the real TAKS test.  I would recommend CD to the TAKS to any teacher in third through sixth and hopefully soon 7th and 8th!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" S. P.

"Wow!  That (service) was fast... thank you soooo much!  This program is wonderful!!!" J.M.

"just a word from a very satisfied customer....I LOVE Countdown!!!!!!
This is only our 2nd week, but it's great!!! They love coloring the blackout page. Plan on using Fast Focus right after spring break for tutoring. Awesome product, thanks again!!" M. L.

"MathWarm-Ups is a wonderful new way to review for the TAKS test!  I love the fact that you can run one test off on only 3.5 sheets of paper. The short, daily practice will make it so you don't have to stop everything for TAKS drill and kill......and the one time fee is great---no more ordering workbooks! " B. B.

"Thank you so much.   I love your products." J. B.

"I received the Countdown yesterday. I was so excited!"  M. M.

"I truly thank you for the work you have done in creating this material!  It's been very valuable. The students love it, and most importantly it's producing achievers."  L. L.

"What service!  Thank you very much." T.S.

"LOVED this review!!! We enjoyed the difference between this and the countdown!" S. W.

"I have used all of these TAKS essential review pages as well as all of the Countdown to Math TAKS pages that we ordered.  These are the best review materials I have ever used.  I would purchase your TAKS Essential Review next year if it was offered.  Way to Go!" C. R.

"I am so happy to finally find some material which truly fits our needs and those of our students. You can be certain that I will be purchasing Fast Focus when it becomes available!"  L. W.

"My students have already benefited from your products (Countdown to the Math TAKS).  I had three students improve their practice test scores by 20+ points after completing the first three groups of five pages (equivalent to 3 TAKS tests). Ninety percent of my class is scoring above 80% and 60% of my class has scored 90% or above on the most recent practice TAKS test (2006 TAKS release Test).  Your products have helped us tremendously.  Thank you again."  M. F.

"Couldn't wait to get them. Now that I see them all, they are even better than I thought!"  C. R.

"You have done what we teachers only can DREAM about!!!  Thank is well worth the cost.  I have forever "cut and pasted" the TAAS, TAKS tests but our district told us about 5 years ago that we couldn't use the REAL tests...that they were saving those questions for the 12-24 week benchmark tests....well, I personally thought we were cutting our nose off to spite our faces!!!  But, what do we know???  HA!  So, we just had to come up with our own stuff.  The textbooks were outdated, and that left us with nothing. Your program is a true breath of fresh air. I have the really LOW Math 5th graders and we have done the first 2 lessons. About half of them missed 4/7  and 5/8 on the first one!!!!  When I went over them, they understood the benefits of each problem! I loved the buying of the roses question on the 2nd page. That is true REAL life!!!  Our district is adopting a new textbook and probably spending a fortune.....sadly to say, all we need is YOUR program!!!!  It is fantastic! Thank you so much for your efforts,  I will be spreading the word to my friends!"  S.C.

"After implementing America Math and the Countdown series this year, it is without a doubt the best supplement for our teachers and students I have ever seen."  Principal

"I love the Countdown writing for my 4th grade Spanish/transition class.  It reinforces the skills for the test and corrects common usage errors in their compositions." E. W.

"After several months of implementation, the program is actually even better than I thought to begin with.  I have never been so impressed with a TAKS preparation product.  It is by far the best I have ever used.  My colleague is using the Third Grade Spanish and still has not found a single error in language.  I encouraged the fifth grade team to purchase the product and I know we had a 5th grade Spanish teacher purchase it.  Anytime anybody asks me what TAKS prep programs to purchase, I immediatley refer them to your website...The Blackouts have really gotten the attention of the students and they can't wait to get their scores and their incentives.  I thought this may have become old by now, but they truly enjoy and look forward to completing the Countdown Sheets...  Anyway, thanks again for your awesome product and keep up the great work!" C.R.

"Our teachers love the Countdown to Math TAKS and the Writing.  They want to know if you are working on anything like them for reading.  Thanks!"  P.C.

"We are doing awesome on the Countdown to Writing...All 4th grade teachers that tried the writing love it. WE LOVE THE BLACKOUT!  This was a big seller to some of the teachers.  The kids absolutely love the instant feedback. THANKS!!"  A. T.

"I've tried to do this with the released TAKS tests for years but there is no comparison. The graphics and layout are just superb!"  H. M.

"We really liked what we saw in the samples so decided to just split the cost and order anyway.  Some things are just worth your own money! "  M.G.

"The quick tracks for assessment is amazing!" Principal

"I have to tell you again how great the graphics are on the math sheets.  I've recently seen the Moose Math, but like your product so much better.  Having the TEKS on each problem sure helps me analyze weaknesses.  My new principal was determined to find the money for me to order the math after he saw how many commended kids we had in the Spanish class last year."  A.T.

"My 3rd graders have become competitive about  the 'black out' of the Quick Tracks! They can't wait until the next test page. Another teacher in the school asked me what they are all talking about. Our Spanishl teacher is very critical about translations and says that she has not seen such a high quality TAKS math product before. We are both so impressed with the Countdowns!!! Thank you so much."  C. R.

"The numeracy skill building exercises from America Math have really worked wonders for our Title 1 students."  Principal

"I am LOVING the fifth grade America Math Spanish product.  It is fantastic!!"  M.P.

"I have used the 3rd grade Countdown to the TAKS. It's good! I highly recommend it for third grade review and prep for April."  N. C.

"Our teachers have noticed a distinct difference in our students' abilities in both math and writing this year using both the America Math and Countdown series."  Principal

"I am really pushing your program for my 3rd grade team.  If all goes well it might even go to 4th and 5th."  P. C.

"I love the Quick Tracks!!!! It is fantastic!! THANK YOU!"  many teachers

"Thank you so very much for America Math!  They are a wonderful venue for review/test prep, and they're coming in handy already!  The kids enjoy working on them because they involve such a variety of math concepts in one place, not the same thing over and over.  They actually look forward to the days we work on them in class. That's a switch!"  L.T.

"Our fifth grade team ordered them online. Once the third and fourth grade teams saw them, they wanted the Countdowns, too. We're putting a PO together right now!"  School secretary

"We want to order this for the whole district of 15 schools. How soon can we get this?"  Elementary Math Coordinator

"Wow! These are great! You have done an excellent job of synopsizing!!!"  K. M.

"Thank you for your hard work getting these materials together."  P. K.

"Countdown to Math is awesome! My lowest students would not have passed the TAKS without it last year."  B. C.

"Spiraling has never looked so good. We love the layout and the graphics. The pages look so clean, not cluttered at all."  C.B.

"I used the first day and my students loved it!"  D. M.

"This should have been done years ago. Thanks for such a successful program."  C.S.

"I have never felt better about math! After only one week, I can see the difference."  M. F.

"We tried the Countdown to the Math TAKS last spring for 3rd grade and now we are ordering the updated 3rd along with the new 4th and 5th! Thanks so much."  Principal

"Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teams have never been better prepared."  D.P.

"Other activities are easier but this will prepare us for our tests." 3rd grade student

"Thanks for taking care of us."  Assistant Principal

"Really nice (company) to work with."  Purchasing

"Speedy service!!!, delight to deal with!"  Principal

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