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For each of our products your campus will receive one blackline master and the copying rights to the product for your students. Our copyright license does not expire, so you can use our products year after year with no additional licensing cost. All products are printed on unbound 24-lb bright white paper for quality copying and are in a resealable box or bag for safe keeping.
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All products are easy to implement, straight forward and affordable. All rewritten and based on the new TEKS that will be tested in Spring of 2019.


    • Fast Focus 2015: (Grades 3-5) Concentrated mini-lessons by TEKS sub-objective used to focus on specific trouble spots identified during Countdown to the Math STAAR.(Spanish†available, too!)

    • Countdown to the Reading STAAR 2014/15: (Grades 3-5) Third and fourth grades have 10 long version practice Reading STAAR tests, designed to be completed over a 10-week period. Fifth grade was released January 2016 with five long version tests. Forth and fifth grade Countdown to the Reading are on legal paper. †(Spanish available†grades 3&4 -†5 series only; 4th on legal paper)

    • "Comp-A-Day 2017": (Grades 3-5) Daily reading worksheets with unique comps including 4-5 questions for each comp. (English only)

    • Countdown to the Writing STAAR 2014: (4th grade only - legal paper) 8 long version practice Writing STAAR tests designed to be completed over a 8-week period. (English only)

    • Fast Focus Writing Edition 2016: (4th grade only) 80 pages of targeted exercises designed to focus on specific trouble spots over a 16-week period. (English only)

    • Countdown to the Algebra I EOC 2017: 10 full-length practice Algebra I EOC tests, designed to be completed over a 10-week period. (Pricing based on the total number of Algebra students on your campus)

    • Lone Star Daily Rigor 2014: (Grades 2-5) A daily series of 80 pages (16 weeks) that previews and reviews most of the Supporting and Readiness standards your students will encounter on the STAAR. (Spanish available, too!)

    • Lone Star Daily Graph 2014: (Grades 2-5) The ultimate collection of graphs and graph-based questions, addressing Supporting and Readiness standards. Includes 60 graphs and more than 200 accompanying questions with bonus multi-step problems. (Spanish available, too!)

    • Numeracy Power-Up 2008: (Grades 3-5) Almost 400 numeracy exercises to boost your studentsí ability to perform mental math. (2008 TEKS-Not Updated)

    • Massive Math: A 3ft x 6ft sheet of paper, featuring over 4,000 math problems.

    • Factice Practice: With 100 problems fit to each half sheet of paper, this fun product is geared to develop your studentsí proficiency with general math facts.
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