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Pricing is based on the total number of students in the grade level at your campus.
We confirm with your district on campus grade level student totals.


We email PDFs within 1-3 days of receiving your order!


For each product, we will be emailing a customized PDF blackline master with your school name on each page to a single email address on your campus and the copying rights to the product for your students. Our copyright license does not expire, so you can use our products year after year with no additional licensing fees.
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Licensing copying rights are sold per grade per school except for high school. If you have up to 250 students in a grade, you must purchase that license per product or bundle. If you have greater than 250 students in a grade, you must purchase the higher price license. 

High school product pricing is based on the total number of students taking that subject per campus. If you have any questions, visit our Copyright Policy page.

Sharing materials is a violation of our license and copyright.

You can report copyright violations & piracy here anonymously. Thank you for your help., a division of Baker & Petsche Publishing LLC, offers grade level licenses to schools, grades 3-5, for its various products. Masters are sold based on the number of all students you have in a particular grade at each school. The first product option is for schools with up to 250 students in a particular grade. The second option is for schools with greater than 250 students in a given grade. Our pricing is by total students per grade to be fair to schools that do not departmentalize by subject or campus. does not offer site or district level licenses per se, only grade level licenses. We work with districts that purchase for all their elementary campuses.

All products are now a customized PDF blackline master emailed to a single address at the campus  Factice-Practice™ is provided as PDFs now as well. Each grade will receive one copy per product per campus and is licensed to reproduce any and all pages for the students of that grade level. offers grade level licenses for individual products as well as value packages, referred to as 'COMPLETES'. Ordering is made easier using the item number and a quantity of (1) for your grade.
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