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Pricing is based on the total number of students in the grade level at your campus.
We confirm with your district on campus grade level student totals.


We email PDFs within 1-3 days of receiving your order!

For each product, we will be emailing a customized PDF blackline master with your school name on each page to a single email address on your campus and the copying rights to the product for your students. Our copyright license does not expire, so you can use our products year after year with no additional licensing fees.
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About Baker & Petsche Publishing
Baker & Petsche Publishing dba began in 2006 in Austin, Texas.

The companyís math worksheets were originally only made for third graders. As Austin, TX parents watched their studentsí math grades sky rocket, the demand for 4th and 5th grade versions to accommodate the growing students quickly grew.

Word spread throughout the school system, and by 2009 worksheets were used by more than half of the school districts in Texas. is an approved vendor with over 900 Texas school districts.

Baker & Petsche Publishing has created a large selection of Texas-based Math & Language Arts Warm-Ups for students in grades two through eight to help students prepare for the Math/Reading/Writing STAAR and Algebra I EOC with these 100% 2014  or 2019 TEKS-based, easy-to-implement products. All MathWarm-Ups offer valuable practice to students and serve as great assessment tools. Most products are available in Spanish.


Baker & Petsche Publishing is known for asking questions in innovative ways, helping students build an understanding for math concepts, rather than having them memorize steps for a variety of problems.  This builds their long-term cognitive skills, which helps them as the curriculum continues.

Baker & Petsche Publishing believes in reviewing for the test all year long, constantly refreshing studentsí minds with old concepts while they learn new ones.


Math grades rose noticeably during MathWarm-Ups.comís first year in Texas. Students showed increased confidence, comprehension and test taking skills and teachers were thrilled with the content and how the students asked for more!


Students gain confidence and strong study habits through the worksheets. Participants enjoy a more thorough and successful math learning experience.

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