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STAAR Fast Focus 2014

Please count all teachers in the grade (even if you are departmentalized) as we use this as an estimate of students served.

Pricing levels are $290 (1-4 teachers) and $350 (5-10 teachers).

Eliminate STAAR deficiencies with Fast Focus. It's fully compatible with Countdown and packs a powerful punch!

The data is in and you've identified your students' deficiencies. Now what? It's time to focus on those trouble spots with Fast Focus !

Fast Focus delivers 150 half-page problem sets that focus on specific STAAR standards. Most problem sets can be completed in less than seven minutes, so addressing trouble spots is easier than ever!

Does your school provide its students STAAR tutorials? Fast Focus is the perfect resource for any math STAAR tutorial program! And with 180 pages, there ís more than enough to be used in both the classroom and tutorial setting.

Fast Focus is the perfect complement to Countdown to the Math STAAR, but it also works in conjunction with Lone Star Daily Rigor and Numeracy Power-Up.

Like all our products, Fast Focus is easy to implement, straightforward, and affordable! We hope your school will try a fresh approach to STAAR prep this year with's complete line of products written exclusively for Texans by Texans!

  • 100% 2014 TEKS-based
  • 100% STAAR-focused
  • Improved graphics; new layout
  • Increased problem complexity
  • 100% of the questions are NEW

Questions and Answers

Q: Is this Fast Focus new, or is it the same Fast Focus from previous years?
A: Almost 100% of the problems are new--written specifically for the STAAR.

Q: Is Fast Focus TEKS based?
A: Yes. It's 100% TEKS-based.

Q: Do I have to own Countdown to the Math STAAR for Fast Focus to work?
A: No. Fast Focus can work as a stand-alone STAAR prep.

Q: How is Fast Focus different from other STAAR prep books?
A: Fast Focus gives you the same high-quality STAAR format problems as other programs, but we simply condense graphics and eliminate superfluous space. We know from experience that copy paper at many schools is limited. We strive to put the maximum amount of math on the minimum amount of space. You'll find this to be true with all of our products at

Q: Why is each page of Fast Focus divided into two parts?
A: The half-page format of Fast Focus is intended to give you flexibility. Depending on the situation, you may wish to assign half of a page or an entire page. You may want to work one half in class and the other half for homework. You may want to work the left half orally with your class (modeling and explaining strategies) and then assign the right half as independent work. There are many possibilities!

Q: Does Fast Focus start easy and get harder later?
A: No. Fast Focus is full-level STAAR difficulty from start to finish. That's why we suggest you use Fast Focus after the winter break. Our series, Lone Star Daily Rigor, starts easy and becomes progressively harder. Click here for information about Lone Star Daily Rigor.

Q: Is Fast Focus available in Spanish?
A: Yes, each grade third through fifth is available in Spanish.
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3rd Grade STAAR Fast Focus 2014
3rd Grade STAAR Fast Focus 2014
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4th Grade STAAR Fast Focus 2014
4th Grade STAAR Fast Focus 2014
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Your Price: $290.00
5th Grade STAAR Fast Focus 2014
5th Grade STAAR Fast Focus 2014
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