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Countdown to the Math STAAR 2014

Please count all teachers in the grade (even if you are departmentalized) as we use this as an estimate of students served. 
Pricing levels are $390 (1-4 teachers) and $490 (5-10 teachers).

The new Countdown to the Math STAAR 2014 gives your students valuable practice and gives you a powerful assessment, too!

Countdown to the Math STAAR
  contains ten full-length practice assessments! And each Countdown can be printed on just three and a half sheets of paper!

Your students don't work an entire Countdown in one sitting, though. That's completely unnecessary and discouraged. Instead, they simply work one or two pages a day as a quick in-class exercise or homework assignment during the 10 weeks preceding the STAAR.

In just 15 to 30 minutes a day, five days a week, your students complete the equivalent of a full-length STAAR. That's powerful, especially if you opt to use all 10 of the provided practice assessments.

The Countdown to the Math STAAR  includes:

  • 10 complete STAAR practice tests
  • Improved graphics; cleaner layout
  • Increased problem complexity and new graph formats
  • 100% of the questions are to the NEW 2014 TEKS
  • Spanish versions are available
  • Quick Track tracking sheet

If you identify any deficiencies, you can easily address them with the mini-lessons in Fast Focus, which addresses each standard, one-by-one.

Countdown to the Math STAAR is a powerful product when used alone. Coupled with the new Fast Focus, it's an unbeatable combination. Just ask one of the thousands of Texas teachers who used the Countdown system last year!

Questions and Answers

Q: Why use MathWarm-Ups when I can use the TEA released tests?
A: Unfortunately, the TEA has only released one test!

Q: How is Countdown to the Math STAAR different from Countdown to the Math TAKS?
A: Countdown to the Math STAAR and the new Fast Focus have been written from the ground up. More than 80% of the questions on Countdown are new and almost 100% of the questions on Fast Focus are new. The actual STAAR is longer, more rigorous, and includes more griddable response items than the TAKS. The item balance is also quite different and particular emphasis is placed on Readiness Standards. In addition, some of the testable TAKS have changed. The new Countdown has been written to reflect all of these changes. We've also improved the graphics and made the layout much cleaner. Make no mistake; the Countdown to the Math STAAR and Fast Focus are new products!

Q: How does Countdown work?
A: As a whole, Countdown is the equivalent of ten complete STAAR tests. You don't give a whole test at once, though. You simply give your students one or two pages a day for five days (checking it daily). By the end of the week your students have worked an entire test, and you have a whole-test assessment. Imagine repeating this cycle ten times over the weeks just before the STAAR!

Q: Is Countdown practice or assessment?
A: It's both. Your students practice the STAAR standards each day (five to eight different standards). You assess their degree of mastery at the end of each week.

Q: Why is Countdown more effective than other STAAR prep programs?
A: Think about the average STAAR practice book. What do you get? A hundred pages of STAAR material broken down by standard? Maybe two or three pre and post assessment tests? That's a good start, but the notorious data dump phenomenon comes into play. You may cover Recording category 1 in January, but by the time the actual test arrives, your students have forgotten some/much/all of what they reviewed in January.
Countdown keeps the standards fresh by exposing students to all of the standards on a weekly basis.

Q: How does Countdown work with Fast Focus and Numeracy Power-Up?
A: After you've identified the standards your students haven't mastered (using Countdown and Quick Track), pull out Fast Focus and Numeracy Power-Up for a quick tutorial. You've heard of data driven decisions, right? Countdown gives you the data, Fast Focus and Numeracy Power-Up give you the resources to address the data!

Q: What is Quick Track?
A: This is a simple tracking sheet that students fill out after checking a page of Countdown with their teacher. With one quick glance, you'll know which STAAR standards a student has or hasn't mastered. Quick Track gives you, your teachers and resource professionals the data to make the decisions. Students love it!

Q: Is Countdown available in Spanish?
A: Absolutely! We strive to make all of our products available in high-quality Spanish versions.

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3rd Grade Countdown to Math STAAR 2014
3rd Grade Countdown to Math STAAR 2014
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4th Grade Countdown to Math STAAR 2014
4th Grade Countdown to Math STAAR 2014
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5th Grade Countdown to Math STAAR 2014
5th Grade Countdown to Math STAAR 2014
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